Friday, March 2, 2012


   Dragonfly Serenade was my first thread painting, it is the piece I did in Ellen Anne Eddy's workshop, that weekend, in 2006. That year I spent all my extra time thread painting and perfecting my style. Because as much as I admire Ellen Anne, I want my work to be mine, and not just a copy of someone else's.

 I found this amazing site on yahoo that set up fiber postcard trades. I signed up and before I knew it, I was trading these little pieces of art with other artists from all over the world. The best part was, I was getting their works of art in the mail too and I learned so many new techniques.

 My favorite one was from a 15 year old girl who was a dancer and she loved shoes, so of course her card to me was a shoe. I made one of Ballerina shoes for her. 
   It was the experimenting with the different techniques that I liked the best and after joining MEOW, (Machine Embroiderer of Oregon & Washington) my samples of all sorts of techniques started piling up. Then in the summer of 2007, Ellen Anne Eddy came to Centralia to teach a four day work shop. It was more then I could afford so my mom gave me the money to go and take the work shop, I wouldn't have been able to go without her help. The work shop also included a day of dying fabric and I was hooked! Now my art can be all mine, I dye the fabric, sometimes even the thread, and create exactly what my creative eye sees.


  1. Beautiful! I just love the musicians!!! Is it pieced and then macine embroidered? I have been trying to learn that...i will have to come over for some lessons :-)

    1. Thank you Jackie, and anytime you want a lesson just let me know! Yes I make the background first and then do the thread painting over it. The thread painting sometimes is so intense that it buckles the fabric and if I think that is going to happen, I do the thread painting separately and then add it on like an applique. I do a lot of my work using a hoop, clear wash away stabilizer and tulle. That way the piece will always lay flat. Next time you are around we'll get together and I'll show you my work.