Monday, April 16, 2012

What's Your Style?

  There is nothing as fun as sewing with a friend. Weather it is one friend or a whole retreat full of friends or people about to become friends! I love sewing retreats because of the shared interests and the new ideas that are everywhere. Have you ever noticed that a group of sewers, when given the same pattern, all come up with their own unique way of interpreting it? You’ll see it done in different colors and different placement (if possible!). They are all the same but all different!
  These two pictures are of the same quilt, interpreted by two different people and both beautiful but so very different!

 This quilt pattern is from the North Central Washington Quilt Shop Hop of 2010. Two different shops each with it’s own style just like quilters all over the world. We are all so unique in our presentation of our artwork. Have no doubt about it, every quilter is an artist!
  So what is your style? It is the first question that I ask of my students. The ones that worry me are the ones that want the exact same material I used for a project instead of using their own inner eye to find their own! Even if they love my choices they should change it up a bit to make their art, THEIRS!
  I know that sometimes that can be over whelming and there are sooooo many choices out there, however, as you are browsing thru the fabric store you will find that certain colors and designs just start to jump out at you!! Those OMG I just have to have that moments are to be nurtured and fed! You may not even know what you are going to do with it at the time you buy it (buy 3 yards! Cuz you’ll be sorry if you don’t!!) low and behold, when you get it home you will start to see that you have other fabrics that look great with it! Then you may notice you have a style, you just weren’t paying attention to it!!!
  Having said that I would like to add, don't be afraid to change your "Style" because we are always changing and even if you love the look of a black and white decor, how long do you want to live in just black and white or just blue and yellow or, well, you get the idea. Change can be good but keep it only as long as it works for you then change it up again. Life should be fun and exciting and ever new, with just a bit of the old and familiar thrown in for security purposes! So take a look around you, What is your style?

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